What we're about

This is a group specially formed to plan and organize Backpacking, Free-n-Ezy, or simply Vacation trips among students / young professionals somewhere between ages 21 to 35, based in Singapore. Why 21 to 35? Because ppl in this age group are more likely to be interested in the same activities. Can be single/married/divorced/alien, doesn't matter we're not a dating group.

I'm opening up the meetup rights to any member who's interested in proposing and planning a trip. Trip itinerary and planning will be the responsibility of the organizer of that trip, aided by fellow participants.

Here's how it works:

1. Any member can create a new Meetup. This meetup should contain the following:

- Estimated date of departure of the trip as the Meetup date, and estimated date of return

- A loose pre-planned itinerary of activities

- Estimated costs

- Maximum number of active participants for the trip

The member who creates the meetup is now the organizer.

The trip will be publicized to members as soon as 3 members join up or I approve of it.

Just to make the group page more user-friendly, any meetups planned that do not follow this format will be deleted as they are too vague.

2. Organizer should hold at least 1 meetup beforehand for trip participants to meet up and socialize among themselves. Participants should take this chance to see if the group clicks together well before going on the trip. This is also an opportunity to iron out the trip details face-to-face. Organizer is allowed to create a new meetup session for this purpose.

3. Enjoy your trip! Hopefully everything goes well. When you come back, do take time to give feedback on the trip (on Meetup.com) and share your experiences. This feedback will be taken into account for future trips being organized.

Organizer responsibilities:

- In charge of liaising with fellow participants to make the trip happen

- Organize any trip planning sessions or meetups for the trip

- Coordinate everyone's schedule (I recommend using Google Calender)

Participant responsibilities:

- Work out trip details with organizer

- Commit to trip schedule. If you have to back out of the trip, please give the organizer at least 2 weeks notice to find a replacement. Offenders who back out last minute without legitimate reason will be banned.


(Please Read, This Is Not The Usual Yadda Yadda)

- Any financial arrangements between organizers and participants of a trip are your own affair, I or this group cannot and will not be held responsible in the event of any financial dispute or fraud. If you're uncomfortable with someone else holding the purse-strings, arrange to pay for everything yourself, that way there is no dispute possible.

- Any form of harassment, sexual or otherwise, found in this group, will result in immediate ban of the perpetrator. I take this very seriously, pls take note.

- Please take care of your personal safety while having fun. Ladies, do be mindful of gender differences. Make your own decision on how comfortable you are with your travelling group before you become too wild =).

- Any trip proposed with possibly ambiguous or nefarious intent will be deleted by me. For instance, offering an all expenses paid trip for female companions.

- This is a purely volunteer-driven group with no commercial interests, and we are not a tour operator offering packaged tours. So please work together with the organizers actively to plan for the trip or it won't happen.

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