REAL Wedding Workshop Kauai, HAWAII!- Shoot a Wedding Couple in Paradise!

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Kaua'i Marriott Resort

3610 Rice St · Lihue, HI

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Please note the hotel is where we are meeting, not where the wedding is taking place.

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Welcome to the ultimate REAL Wedding Workshop Experience! If you’re looking to up your game as a wedding photographer, if you’re looking to add some great shots to your wedding website and portfolio and deliver the essential items for your wedding clients this is the workshop for YOU!

Early Birds get in for just $1199!! Valid for the first 4 people to register.

Wedding is taking place in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Kauai, Hawaii!! This is a very special workshop because the couple is eloping!

That means this gives us one of the most unique opportunities ever, the ability to devote an entire two days to epic wedding photography where every attendee will get shots that will change their photography career.


*October 5th- Dinner with Jason and the group at 7pm

*October 6th- Approximately 11am-7pm- wedding shoot with the wedding couple! ON THIS we will be holding a very private ceremony where jason gets to control all aspects of it to make it a dream to shoot!

Following that Jason and all attendees will do a series of bridals, getting ready shots for the bride and the groom as well as couple portraits.
This is the day where Jason will prepare all of the workshop attendees to help them be ready for the big REAL day that follows.

Jason will share his secrets for lighting, posing, and directing the wedding couple for phenomenal award winning results. It's going to be a master class on wedding photography.

*October 7th- Approximately 11am-7pm: this is the day where it gets CRAAZT!! The bride and groom have committed to doing whatever it takes to get some amazing images. They are a very athletic couple who loves hiking and being outdoors so they are prepared to get down and dirty if necessary to help create some epic shots!

The Bride has even committed to getting into the water in her wedding down, NO PROBLEM! A trash the dress shoot to end this experience will be EPIC!

*What's included? Transportation for the shooting days of the 6th and 7th are covered by Jason. You are just required to make it to the Resort meeting location. Attendees are responsible for any travel expenses to and from Hawaii and for hotel accommodations in Hawaii as well as all food and miscellaneous expenses that occur on your trip.

--About REAL Wedding Workshops--

Have you ever wanted to shoot a destination wedding with an award winning photographer and get his pointers throughout the entire wedding? Have you ever wanted to shoot a real wedding at a venue where award winning photographers shoot? Have you ever wanted to attend a workshop and keep the images to build your own portfolio? Well, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!!

BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY THIS WORKSHOP CAN BENEFIT ALL SKILL LEVELS. For those who are just starting out this will be incredibly eye opening. For those who have shot weddings and are looking for that next step...THIS. IS. IT.


*Where is the nearest major airport? Lihue, Kauai (LIH)

*Is there shuttle service provided from the airport? No, there is not. Attendees are responsible to get themselves to the meeting location which is the Kauai Marriott Resort.

*Where is Jason staying? Where do I stay? Jason is staying at the Kauai Marriott Resort. You are welcome to book your own room or stay somewhere nearby. Below is a link to the hotel. You are more than welcome to stay anywhere you like.

Please NOTE: Please do not contact the hotel for information about the workshop. This is just where we're staying. They are not affiliated with the workshop.

*What about GEAR? Do I need a ton of gear? Does it matter what brand I shoot? No, you do not need a lot of gear at all. In fact with the way that Jason uses LED lighting at his weddings the attendees will all be able to benefit from his lighting to get phenomenal shots. In regards to brands it doesn't matter AT ALL. Any brand of camera can take great shots in the right use the right gear that works for you. For the optimal experience we recommend having at least 1 portrait lens (85mm or 50mm), a zoom [masked]mm), and a wide (16-35mm or in that range). Those certainly aren't required but people always ask about what they should ideally have and those are Jason's go to wedding lenses.

*So do I get to use all the images I take at the workshop for my own use...really? Yep! That's the entire concept behind this specific type of workshop. I'm trying to help photographers to pursue their dream of having killer portfolios so they can further their career.

*Do I have to handle my own travel accommodations and expenses? Yes you do to Kauai.

*Do I have to pay the entire registration fee upfront? What is the refund policy? Space is very limited so all registrations do need to be paid upfront. Refunds are provided only in the event that the workshop was canceled by Jason. If you opt to cancel your space after booking there are no refunds. You will however be given a credit towards a future workshop.

*I'm just beginning, will I really get a lot out of this workshop? Yes you will! I truly wish there would have been this type of wedding workshop available when I started because it would have saved me from making so many mistakes in my career.

*I'm a seasoned pro, will this help? Absolutely! Need to spice up your portfolio? Need to get out of the rut? Need an entirely different look and feel for your style and portfolio? This is for you!

*Is there any preparatory information or services provided before the workshop? Yes, Jason and/or his team will post updates and answer questions for those who are registered right here on the Meetup page.

*What is the maximum amount of people allowed? There will be a cap of 10 attendees to allow everyone time and space to get great shots.

*How will I get a release from the bride and groom? The structure of a REAL Wedding Workshop is that all attendees are technically second shooting the wedding with Jason Lanier. As such the wedding contract and release that the wedding client signs with Jason already stipulates that the attendees are allowed to use all images taken for their own personal and professional use.

*Are there any extra fees associated with the workshop that I should know about? Nope! Jason keeps it very simple. Jason's team will be shooting video and documenting the wedding workshop.

*What happens if the wedding is called off? While this has never happened there definitely needs to be a plan in place if it does. If the wedding couple were to call off the wedding (again it's very rare. In Jason's entire career of 300 weddings it's only happened once), the workshop would be held as scheduled but models would be brought in to take the place of the wedding couple. The workshop would take place in the same city and on the same dates. We do this because so many of the attendees take time off of work, book flights and hotels etc so simply rescheduling the workshop is not a viable option. In addition to the workshop, all attendees would then be given a credit towards a complete registration to attend another REAL Wedding or Standard Workshop at no cost to them so they could experience the entire REAL Wedding Workshop experience.