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Welcome to your tribe! This is an friendly and inclusive peer to peer group offering a safe and supportive community for anyone over the age of 18 who has been diagnosed with or think they may a neuro-divergent brain function identified as ADD/ADHD. (Teens may attend with a parent or guardian.) Meet Your Tribe has been gathering at least once a month for over two years and twice a month for most of 2019 until present.

We don't "fix" anyone, tell anyone what to do or provide medical or psychological advice. Instead, we share our personal experiences and what's been working for us. We believe we are NORMAL YET DIFFERENT and can best learn from one another how to live a more comfortable and fulfilling life.

This group is private to protect its members from stigma and fall-out that often occurs when we reveal our differences outside our immediate circle. Our primary focus is on ADHD/ADD, however, we recognize that our members may also identify as experiencing other neuro-diversity such as Autism, Aspbergers, etc.

While we appreciate the goodwill and expertise of coaches mental health, medical, and other professionals, this group is not an appropriate setting to research or otherwise gather experiential information from the participants.

Spouses, partners, family members and friends are welcome to attend events. We understand that our differences in thinking, behaving and feeling have a significant impact on those we love and spend time with. What we ask is that neuro-typical attendees have a willingness to listen to understand. We welcome questions about our experiences as long as they are intended to foster mutual understanding. Please be sensitive to the fact that what works for you, will most likely not work for us.

For more information email me at: lorikritchie@gmail.com or text 214 223 0546



HOWTOADHD - short videos of fact-based information shared in a fun, entertaining, and inspiring format.

DR RUSSELL BARKLEY - multiple videos for mental health professionals that offer us profound insight into the impact of ADHD on our lives, 2hr video on what medications are available which ones work best for which symptoms what not to combine / what to combine, etc.


You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy? by Kate Kelly and Peggy Ramundo - groundbreaking book in its time written by 2 ADHD'ers for us. USER FRIENDLY - you can start any place in the book and learn something you can apply immediately. It is designed to work the way we learn and help you design a life that works for YOU personally.

Driven to Distraction and Delivered from Distraction by Dr. Edward "Ned" M. Hallowell -definitive resources for adult ADD/ADHD from a national leading expert. - Dr. Ned has ADHD - VERY INSPIRING, insightful, educational. Also multiple videos and podcasts online.

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life and Healing ADHD by Dr. Daniel G. Amen A plethora of medically- and research-based information. Defines the 7 types of ADD.


Medications (both stimulant & non-stimulants) / Cognitive Behavior Therapy/ Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Northwest ADHD CENTER - locations in Tigard and SE. They treat children, teens and adults. Receive a diagnosis, medications (if desired),skills education and therapy from skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate professionals. Oregon Health Plan, Pacific Source, Blue Cross Blue Shield and many others kinds of insurance accepted.

Portland DBT Institute - highly trained therapists specializing in DBT. They offer both skills training classes and a full-program; psychiatric nurse on staff can prescribe medications for multiple mental health issues. Waiting list for full-program can be 2 to 12 months, however, they offer skills training classes which are informative and effective. Oregon Health Plan, Pacific Source, Blue Cross Blue Shield and many others kinds of insurance accepted.

Cascadia Behavorial Health - takes Oregon Health Plan; can connect you with multiple resources.

Vocational Rehabilitation Support with employment. Must apply to qualify. Diagnosis required, along with information regarding the impact on your ability to retain employment. ADHD/ADD is considered a disabilty. Lengthy bureaocratic process: just stay on top of the details, prepare to advocate for yourself and insist on a counselor you feel comfortable with.


ADDA - Attention Deficit Disorder Association - tons of information and resources online.

CHADD - online resources, virtual support and education

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