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Do you find it hard to meet other start-up enthusiast from different disciplines other than yourself? We do! Therefore we created the meet a co-founder meet-up. Our goal is bringing start-up minded people from different backgrounds together so that new collaborations can be started.

The philosophy of this event is based on the ‘hacker, hipster, hustler’ approach. The term hacker, hipster and hustler has been around for some years. Although, this approach is widely and successfully used (e.g. for growth-hacking teams), no clear ways exist to bring the hacker, hipster and hustler together in one room... Up to now ;).

To introduce the hacker, hipster, hustler approach:
- hacker = building revolutionary tech solutions
- hipster = dreaming and designing engaging appearance
- hustler = monetizing the business idea
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The Meet a Co-Founder event will bring these disciplines together during a fun & creative networking event! You will:

• Meet like-minded professionals from different disciplines

• Spontaneous Pitches by people who only have an idea and by people who already run a business

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