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Krav Maga, martial art of self defense, first lesson is free
We want to help with New Year's resolutions. The first lesson of krav maga, martial art for self-defense , is for free. I would say let's learn something new, but I will say come practice something that not only keeps you in great shape, but offers some technical knowledge that transform your body into a weapon for unpleasant situations. Now is an opportunity that two beginner classes started: Tuesday and Friday from[masked] and the second one same days but[masked]. See the news as equally unprovoked street attacks, armed robberies, threats to the safety of citizens. Of course these things are unlikely. But if it happens? Knowing how to survive and defend yourself can make the difference between getting home safely or be the victim of tragic violence. The courses will gradually learn behaviors that will sharpen your senses, tone the muscles, increase your speed of reaction. You will learn principles and techniques to the most effective existing self-defense martial arts today. Additional lessons are great ways to keep fit, improve balance, flexibility and coordination. Last but not least we will find ways to avoid conflict. Specifically what is taught: - Learn how to safely fall or roll - Releases from hand, hand grips and hair grips (especially for women) - Release form bear hug - Release from strangulation - How to fight and defend yourself - Self Defense using fists, elbows, knees, feet and other body parts - Mobility - Anticipation and high observation - Defense against knife - Defense against weapons - Defense against multiple attackers You can take your friends with you, friends who want to see what self defense is. Please join only if you come. For the course: sports outfit, casual. After training: a bottle of drinking water and wet wipes. Join Facebook our Group Page: Further details at: 07 Krav Maga [masked]) What is Krav Maga and history of Krav Maga: (soon this address will be changed when the new website is ready) Address: Str. Tabacarilor 2, sector 4 - the former Pioneer complex, as the gang get through the barrier, right, right upstairs (here is what you have to see before barrier: ) Coordinates for navigation (or just search "Bukan Sorin" in your navigation application): Public transportation: from 7- 8-minute subway stations Timpuri Noi, 1 minute passage Mărăşeşti Station - tram 23, 27 The seminar will be held in Romanian with English translation if needed.

The former Pioneer complex, as the gang get through the barrier, right, right upstairs

Str. Tabacarilor 2, sector 4 · Bucharest

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Meet4Fun is a group created for anyone who want to meet new people with the same interest, to socialize in an efficient, safe and funny way! Meet4Fun wants to bring togheter expat communities from Romania with Romanians, but also different kinds of professional and social categories. In this way we organize workshops, thematic meetings, social events and day trips. Last but not least, we love entrepreneurial behaviour and we are interested in self defense.

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