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============================================== We meet every Tuesday to network, share ideas, listen to a guest speaker and, when it makes sense, refer business. Lunch is $16. Please plan to arrive between 11:45 and noon for greeting and ordering food, and to meet everybody in the room. Our program begins at 12 when we go around the room and hear each other's sixty-second greeting: Who are you, what is your company doing, and who are you LOOKING FOR? Then we turn to our SPEAKER for the day, who brings an in-depth look at their business and mission statement. Dress is business casual, and please bring plenty of your business cards and flyers/info for any special events you'd like to share.

Alto Plaza Restaurant

5800 Old Centreville Road · Centreville, VA

What we're about

Once upon a time… in the realm of business and referral networking, ten business professionals found themselves unhappy. These ten men and women (let’s just call them the Ten) had developed trusted relationships with one another through their participation in other networking groups and couldn’t help but feel as though something was missing. So much so, that one day, whilst sitting at a somewhat ...roundish table, the Ten decided to try and name these culprits that were causing feelings of great sadness, frustration and overall lack of contentment.

One concern was in that in most of these groups, members were required to hold other members accountable in the meeting of certain “quotas”. Due to this, an environment was created where tensions would develop. In order to meet said quotas, members would oft pass bogus referrals that wasted valuable time and energy and only served to increase the tension among members.

Are we not professionals? Should we not hold ourselves accountable to high standards for the words we speak and our own actions?

Another concern was the “Me, Me, Me” sickness that seemed to envelop the loyal subjects of said groups. Even though some boasted about giving first, it seemed it was all about, “What hast thou done for me, lately?” The Ten thought that perhaps it would be better to lay the foundation of giving, by giving back to the communities that supported their businesses. The Ten realized this simple gesture may help facilitate the feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction that had been missing.

Therefore the Ten decided to start a new group where the basis would be focused on not only building trustworthy relationships with the intent to give business referrals, the sharing of ideas, strategies and experience, but also to establish, a charitable component for the local communities in that more than 50% of membership fees would be donated to a chosen charity every six months.

And thus the Ten founded the Business Alliance Networking Group (BANG!). A business networking group that is still for business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs to build trusted referral partners within the communities they serve, holding themselves accountable with their partners for, as any Court Jester knows, you get out what you put in and giving a little back to the community they live in.

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