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What we're about

Prague Philosophy Cafe in English

It is public, free (but please buy a drink) and it lasts around 2 hours.

Topics are proposed by the attendees and then one of them is chosen on the basis of its interest as a topic for all.

People speak one at a time.

It's fun, ....and serious ! :)

Welcome to the Prague Philosophy Cafe in English !


Examples of topics that people suggest in "Philosophy cafes":

"Why do we celebrate?"
"Can we live without fear?"
"Is humour serious?"
"What is critical thinking?"
"Is art a knowledge?"
"Is happiness more important than truth?"
"Can intelligence be false?"
etc., etc.
... Just come with a topic and we will choose one together by voting.

The meetup venue will be in a café in central Prague (it will soon be indicated here)


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