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WEDNESDAY Friend-making & Language Exchange (水曜日友達作りと言語交換イベント)
n regards to attendance: We have a lot of people that click attending on our the Facebook version of this event too, hence the reason why Andy and I are always bringing lots of friends :)! Please feel free to bring your friends too! Are you on Facebook too? Check out our Facebook group page: I took this photo in Western Izu! Doesn't it feel so great to laugh? XD Well that's what we end up doing most of the time. We hope to have you join us some time for a healthy dose of laughter and fun :D <3 Take the leap. Do something new ;) EVENT INFO: UPDATE: Here is the google map link to the cafe (Hayama Coffee/葉山珈琲)〒410-0801+Shizuoka+Prefecture,+Numazu,+Otemachi,+3+Chome− −8+H1ビル1F+葉山珈琲+沼津駅前店/@[masked],[masked],20z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x[masked]e11df11c1:0x328ec245e4315ab7 日本語は英語の以下に書いてあります♪ What makes this meetup different to other language exchanges?! Well, there will be approximately 1 hour of designated Japanese practice where everyone will primarily only speak in Japanese and approximately 1 hour of English practice with primarily only English to ensure that all language learners, no matter what their level, can IMMERSE themselves in the language they want to improve in and really put all that studying to use in REAL life! All beginners welcome! Everyone needs to start somewhere, right? :) We can teach you how to say "What's __ in Japanese or English" so that you can continue to speak as much in the language you are learning as possible! With this event we will put a stop to your inability to practice the language you are learning simply because the person you're talking to is able to speak your native tongue better than you can in their's! Bring some friends who have been suffering along side you and let's get in some REAL life language practice!! Hope to see you there! XD What to bring: 1. For Japanese, a one note contribution of just 1000 yen to assist in organising and keeping this group running :). For native English speakers, we are asking for a contribution at this point of just 500 yen. I'd like to be able to buy our group any resources that we need to make our language exchange experience better through this too, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know :). This group will be help kept running by the caring people who support Andy and I in making Shizuoka prefecture an exciting place to live with lots of active, fun events! Without you we couldn't keep making these events so we really appreciate your support! 2. Something to take notes with - a pen/pencil, notebook or bring your smart phone and use its memo application. 3. Some money for coffee/tea/food from the coffee shop's awesome selection of drinks :)! This place is one of my most favourite coffee shops in Numazu so I'm sure you'll enjoy it too! このイベントはイマージョンで好きな言語で上達したい方とお友達を作りたい方のために行われています。日本で行われるので、ほとんど英語と日本語で練習しますが、他の言語を交換したい方が大歓迎です。 この言語交換イベントは他の言語交換イベントと何が違いますか? 英語能力が違っていもお勉強で習ったフレーズなどを実際に練習が出来るために1時時間程ほぼ完全に英語で会話します。そして時間になったら、完全に日本語で同じことをします。 始める前にほぼ完全に英語で会話が出来るように大事なフレーズ (例えば 英語で___はなんですがか?)を教えてもらって、当日に学んだフレーズだけで、全部の聞きたいことと言いたい事を言えるようになります!なので、初心者でも大歓迎です! 持ってくる物: 1. このグループが続けるように1000円を持って頂ければと思います。只、外国の方が少ないので人数を増やすように外国の方は500円で御参加が出来るようになっております。優しいメンバーのお陰でこれからも静岡県でいっぱい楽しいイベントが行われるように皆さんのご協力を仰いでいます♪ 2. メモが出来る物。ノートやボールペンやスマホ。 3. 美味しいコーヒーや紅茶や食べ物を注文するために少しお金を持ってくるといいです。葉山珈琲のコーヒーを特に気に入っているので、是非飲んでみてください。

Hayama Coffee

Otemachi, 3 Chome−3−8 H1 · Numazu