What we're about

I'm hoping to bring active Adults and Family's together, Some times in the Nude who enjoy recreational sports in a group settings. All Nude events will be Clothing Optional actives Whether it’s biking, hiking, kayaking, skiing, or playing volleyball, soaking up the sun . I want to find the right balance to a site that offers purely recreational activities for all. It is my wish to be more inclusive in the community via the Group. If I learned nothing else over the years, it is that introducing new people to the activities we love increases our own enjoyment in doing them. If you are interested in an active social group, you’ll find it here. Participants must be 18 years or older, unless with Parents or Guardians.. pets are allowed on outings. (some places do not allow pets, not our choice. )

I'm looking for people to step up and join me as to being event organizers looking for all activities, NUDE or NOT.. If you have an activity you like to do and want to share your fun, please join me as a event organizer. from mountain biking, street biking, hiking in town, out on the trail, sail boating, kayaking, and all related Sport activities including soaking up the sun. Let me know and I will add you as a Event Organizer.

I will also teem up with other Meetup Groups that do Nude Hiking and Mountain Biking that are Nudist groups, (Clothing Optional "C. O." ) as I will also set up some nude Hikes of my own. they will be listed as "C. O." in the Title.

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