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Welcome to Melbourne Game Creatives,

This meetup is entirely community-driven and does not belong to an organisation.

If you are a pro or an indie game creative (developer/designer/artist/etc), a prospective one, or simply an enthusiast then this Meetup is for you.

Everyone is welcome regardless of their area of expertise and experience. This will be a place to talk game development, share knowledge, network, and ultimately spark the great games of the future.

We are also on Slack https://goo.gl/RFb2mR

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Co-working day at the Docklands Library.

Library at The Dock

Hi all, We had a good turn out for the first Co-working Day so this will be a monthly event in Docklands for game/VR developers and artists. It's a great way to meet other creators, learn new skills and seek opportunities for collaboration. We'll have desks, internet and access to Mac desktops and the Oculus Rift and Vive. Look forward to meeting you. It will take place on the 2nd floor, near the top of the stairs and the information desk. Feel free to turn up and start working earlier. We are also on Slack https://goo.gl/RFb2mR

TBC: July 2019 - Show n Tell @ NEEDS A LOCATION!

TBC because this event needs a host. If you can provide a space to this event, please get in touch with the organisers. Line up: - this is your spot. - this is your spot. - this is also your spot. If you have anything that you find interesting that you would like to share with the group, please get in touch with the organisers. Anything you're working on, or a cool tool/plugin you found out about recently, or industry news/updates, what-have-you. Remember, this is not supposed to be a TED talk! See you soon. --- Are you a game or VR developer who is working on a game? Or an artist, writer or musician who has new exciting project? Well, here is a great opportunity to show it off at the Show and Tell. Besides letting people know what you have been working on, the Show and Tell is a great opportunity to meet other developers/artists, get inspired, collaborate with others and even learn new tricks. And this is for everyone, it doesn't matter if you haven't even made a game yet. There will also be a discussion about whats happening in the industry and new products. We are also on Slack https://goo.gl/RFb2mR

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June 2019 - Show and Tell @ REA Group, Richmond

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