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We will be meeting monthly to:

hear talks on R-related topics
sharing knowledge and experience
provide R beginners with an opportunity to meet more experienced users
discover the power of R as a serious, general and industrial strength data mining, analysis, visualisation and reporting tool, for use in commerce, government and other fields
see case studies of real-life R applications in industry
disocover related commodity, open source and free tools
meet experts in specific R packages, techniques and applications

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I like wine. I like wine data. I don't understand wine reviews. What makes a wine good or bad, according to the professionals? We’re going to take 130 thousand wine reviews and train a fancy model to find out. We’ll use Locally Interpretable Model-agnostic Explanations (LIME) to describe how the model treats individual reviews, complete with a Shiny interface. Is it a good thing for wine to have the “aromas of tennis ball and chalk”? Should you bring that bottle to a dinner party if it tastes like “a pot of stewed prunes”? Let’s find out! Dr. David Neuzerling is a Melbourne-based data scientist. After finishing his doctorate in abstract algebra he jumped ship to industry. He’s used data to tell stories in finance, utilities and sales, and likes to make machine learning understandable to humans. Apart from being a data nerd, David likes dogs, fountain pens, and improvisational comedy. Pizzas and beers will be provided.

Putting the R in Bioinformatics with Bioconductor

Collins Square

Summary: Bioinformatics analysis and software underpins each and every new discovery made using genomics data in medical research. This talk will give an overview of recent advances in gene expression technology and showcase our work in developing new statistical methods and open-source software for use in expression analysis available through the Bioconductor project (www.bioconductor.org). Improved methods for prioritising genes and pathways and new plotting capabilities that allow more intuitive exploration of both raw and summarised data will be presented. Bio: Dr Matt Ritchie is an NHMRC Career Development Fellow and Laboratory Head in the Epigenetics and Development Division at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne. He is an experienced computational researcher, with skills in analysing high-throughput sequencing data and developing open-source software for Bioinformatics analysis. He has been an avid R user since 2001. A big thank you to Servian for hosting us for this event. Please note their new address.

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