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rOpenSci ozunconf: Building communities to transform science

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The world is changing, and (somewhat) suddenly, you find that you need to write and understand code to be a scientist, an analyst, to work in government, industry, or even work in a museum. Doing this alone can be hard and isolating. Fortunately, there are many great communities out there that help connect people to empower them to make change. In the R community we are very lucky to have the rOpenSci collective, who foster a culture and community that values open and reproducible research, using shared data and reusable software. In this talk Nick will:

* Discuss who and what rOpenSci are, and what they do
* Give an overview of the rOpenSci ozunconf that happened in October last year. Saras Windecker will discuss "changes", a package to simplify version control
* Talk about how you can get involved with rOpenSci

Dr. Nick Tierney is a research fellow in statistics, working at Monash University with Professors Di Cook and Rob Hyndman. Nick is passionate about getting people using the R programming language to solve real problems, and is an active community member of rOpenSci, a software carpentry instructor trainer, and an RStudio certified Tidyverse instructor. Nick’s research focuses on making it easier to think about and perform analysis on difficult problems, and has created the R packages naniar, to make it easier to work with missing values, and visdat to make it easier to explore and get a look at your data. Outside of R and statistics, Nick is a frequent rock climber, occasional guitar player, and is always up for karaoke.

Saras Windecker is a PhD candidate at University of Melbourne, working on decomposition dynamics in freshwater wetlands with Assoc Prof Peter Vesk. Saras is dedicated to using R for reproducible science in her work as an ecologist, and is an active developer of open access software, including of the R package 'zoon', a reproducible and shareable species distribution modelling platform

5:45 Pizzas and drinks (provided courtesy of Servian)
6:30 Presentation
7:30 More networking
8:00 Close