Running docker in production


Running docker in production - Gabriel Weyer and Martin Booth

So you've heard of docker before, you think you know why it's useful, you may even have a dancing cat running inside a docker container as an experiment on your home PC.

Now that you've decided it's worth giving this a go, you now need to work out how to get it into production.

How do you configure Jenkins/bamboo/TeamCity to build this thing? What do you use to deploy it? In fact, where do you even deploy it to?

Finally, what are the drawbacks to docker (if any?) and how do you work around some of the gotchas?

If you want to save yourself a load of time getting docker to production then this talk is for you

We still have some room for speakers at this meet up so please get in touch!

Porting NPoco to Dotnet Core (DNX) - Adam Schroder

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