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We offer affordable art classes for every step of the artist's journey. Join our inclusive and accessible high-quality creative courses and workshops. Our underlying passion for a range of art, historical to contemporary, underlies a commitment to creating an environment where individual students have the encouragement, support and technical ‘know how’ to achieve their creative goals. We offer Life Drawing, Studio Art, Beginner's Drawing, Painting and Floral Design. ALL skill levels welcome.

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Drawing Bootcamp with Marco Corsini

MAC Hawthorn Studio

Be introduced to some of the most powerful drawing techniques you will ever use. With a focus on the perception of a three-dimensional world this intensive is designed to re-train your brain to see. Founder and Director of Melbourne Art Class, Marco Corsini will draw on his extensive experience of working with beginner artists to set the foundation for a new way of seeing and drawing from life. You will explore fundamental techniques and tools and refine your drawing skills with this extremely experienced tutor. All details and enrolment via our website at https://melbourneartclass.com/drawing-workshop-with-marco-corsini/.

Japanese Ink Painting (sumi-e) Workshop with Junko Azukawa

MAC Hawthorn Studio

Melbourne Art Class welcomes award-winning sumi-e (Japanese ink) artist, Junko Azukawa to host a three-hour Japanese ink painting workshop. Sumi-e is the ancient art of Japanese brush painting. Traditionally, paintings feature subjects from nature, such as flowers and birds. There is much more to creating an image during the process of Japanese ink painting; it is also meditative practice. More information and enrolment via https://melbourneartclass.com/japanese-ink-painting-with-junko-azukawa/

Drawing Level 2 with Michelle Caithness

MAC Hawthorn Studio

Drawing is fundamental to any artistic practice. This course introduces the key elements and techniques of drawing. Drawing Level 2 is designed for anyone who has some basics drawing experience or who has previously done any of MAC’s Introduction to Drawing courses or Drawing Level 1 courses. During this course, you will be using observational drawing to work from Still life, exploring line, proportion, value and texture and discover effective ways to see and use these elements in a drawing. All details and enrolment available here: https://melbourneartclass.com/drawing-level-2-with-michelle-caithness/

Painting Level 2 with Michelle Caithness

MAC Hawthorn Studio

Suited for anyone who has had a small amount of painting experience or has completed a MAC Introduction to Painting or Painting Level 1 course. This course expands on base skills and broadens conceptual knowledge of painting. Over five weeks, Michelle Caithness will encourage students to work from life to extend knowledge of: - Under painting - Composition - Colour mixing - Colour theory - Value (light and dark) - Application of paint In addition to this Michelle will draw on her extensive experience as a nationally recognised artist to broaden an appreciation of the art of contemporary painting. All details and enrolment available here: https://melbourneartclass.com/painting-level-2-with-michelle-caithness/

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