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Anzac Day Star Gazing

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Hello stargazers!

As most, if not all of us, had a day off work today, it seems like a good night to go star gazing. We've got no moon to worry about, so viewing deep sky objects will certainly be on the agenda.

This time, I thought I might run the night a little different to any other time I have. I am going to run with a theme "Stars, from birth till death."

So, what I'll do, is start off by looking at a few different emission nebula, stellar nurseries. This is the birth of stars.

Then we'll have a look at a few open clusters. These are where star formation has occurred quite recently. They are typically full of bright hot blue stars, these only have very short lives.

We can have a look at some planets - Jupiter and Mars will be visible, and possibly even Saturn too!

Lastly, we can check out some planetary nebulae and supernova remnants. This is the death of stars.

This time, I am currently planning on running this out at Yarrambat Park. If this is too far out from people, (not far from where I live) I can go in closer to the city.
The reason I'm thinking Yarrambat park, it's further from the city so we will have better viewing. I'll let everyone decide where they would prefer the event to be.

As per usual, there will be a $10 ($5 for kids) fee. I'll definitely have two telescopes set up, depending on how many people RSVP, I might bring down more :)

Hope you see you there,



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