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In this Meetup you will experience an introduction to and practical demonstration of the methods & effectiveness of BioMagnetic Healing with Hands.

This MeetUp will appeal to and benefit those folks who seek to:

- Learn BioMagnetic Healing to treat themselves
- Learn BioMagnetic Healing to also treat Family & Friends
- Learn & attain Practitioner Level knowledge & capabilities

Edeltraud Grace is a highly qualified provider & certified trainer of
​Energy Therapies & Alternative Medicine since 2004. Edeltraud launched BioMagnetic Healing into Australia & Asia in 2013, after attaining her own training and experience in Australia and Germany. She has extensive training, hands-on experience, insights & expertise in multiple related modalities, including NLP, EFT, LogoTherapy, Bach Flowers and is am AIPC certified counsellor.

What is BioMagnetic Healing with Hands?

BioMagnetic Healing is an ancient healing method and was re-discovered by the famous German physician Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer, who recognized:

"Of all the bodies of nature, the human body has the strongest effect on other humans. No living or inanimate body is able to replace it."

The charging, discharging, cleansing and ordering of the body's energy flow through therapeutic magnetism on a human being is achieved through: The laying of hands directly on or 6-10 cm above the body, streaming biomagnetic energy flows into the body, through systematic brushes on or above the body and through circular movements.

"Magnetic energy is the elementary energy that the entire life of the organism depends on."
(Werner Heisenberg, Nobel Prize winner 1932)

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