What we're about

We'll be focusing on exploring the growing world of creative applications of AI. We'll be hearing from experts across fields, learning about what they are working on, playing with sample projects and hearing the latest news and developments. We'll be looking for people to give talks, contribute to discussions and generally be involved in the community and help it grow!

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Edge Inference Hack Night/Discussion

Neighbourhood - 4 Brunswick Pl

Let's get together and play around with some "edge" inference devices. I've gotten my hand on a Coral TPU and DevBoard, so we can do something with that. I've also got the Je Vois. If you've got something, bring it along and we'll see what we can build! ---- This event is sponsored by Braneshop - https://braneshop.com.au - we've got an upcoming 6 week workshop on deep learning - https://braneshop.com.au/6-week-workshop-on-deep-learning.html - if you've always wanted to get into deep learning but not known how, this is the workshop for you!

Dave King - Am I A Bot Or Not?


An external event that may be of interest - https://sensilab.monash.edu/forums/dave-king/

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Mindful Neural Networks?!

Neighbourhood - 4 Brunswick Pl

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