• Mindful Neural Networks?!

    Neighbourhood - 4 Brunswick Pl

    Hey Everyone, This time I thought we'd do something a little bit crazy. Let's try and build some kind of "mindful" or "buddhist" neural network. What does it even mean?! Who knows. But maybe we can try some ideas. Some thoughts from the top of my mind: - Use it as an excuse to look into attention models, - Think about how "focus" can be incorporated into models?, - Think about weird forms of classification?! - Is there any sense of "awareness" we can build in? - What about the paramitas?! - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P%C4%81ramit%C4%81 Can they factor into the loss functions somehow?! The aim here is simply to interpret this idea in a way that seems fun to you! Maybe use it as an excuse to learn TensorFlow or PyTorch! Special thanks to Sheda - https://sheda.ltd - for hosting this meetup at Neighbourhood - https://neighbourhood.work/ - in Fitzroy! Looking forward to seeing you there!

  • Getting started with TensorFlow.js with Noon and Steve!

    Hello! In this special event, Steve Mills ( from https://bluewavetechnology.com.au/ ) and I ( now working here - https://braneshop.com.au ) will walk you through getting started with TensorFlow.js. As a group, we'll work through running a model on your computer, and writing some code to make an interactive experience! It'd be helpful it you had some previous experience with JavaScript. You'll need to bring your own laptop. There are limited spots, so please make sure you can make it if you RSVP. This will be a somewhat informal event, but as with all our events we follow the Django-Style code of Conduct - https://www.djangoproject.com/conduct/. We respect each other and our differences; any issues can be raised to me via email ([masked]) or in person. -- Noon

  • Creative AI Hack Night


    Come join us for some hacking on creative ai projects!

  • Hack Night! Let's Get Together And Work On Projects!

    We'll sit down and work on our projects! Nothing scheduled, just hacking.

  • Melbourne Creative AI Meetup - Jeremy Kraybill, I Can't Paint, But Meet My Robot

    We're back! And this time we're going to hear from Jeremy about his amazing work on the RobotArt competition! > When an AI-powered robot creates a painting, who is the creator, and > is it art? Jeremy Kraybill describes his journey in creating a painting > using artificial intelligence and an industrial robot for the 2018 > Robotart competition. We'll be hosted by our friends at Magnet Galleries: http://magnet.org.au/ - at their awesome location on Bourke Street. In order to keep them there, I kindly ask you to bring along a gold coin to donate to the space on the night. Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you all there! -- Noon

  • Creative AI @ Melbourne Knowledge Week - AI Fashion Designer!

    Art House - The Metropolitan Meat

    At Silverpond we've put together a fun little demo that will be on display as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week! More can be found here: https://mkw.melbourne.vic.gov.au/events/ai-fashion-designer/ Be great to see you there!

  • Deep Learning In The Browser - Hack Night!


    • What we'll do Let's get together and play around with getting deep learning models running in the browser. • What to bring A laptop. • Important to know We will follow the django code of conduct: https://www.djangoproject.com/conduct/ - If you have any issues, please bring them to my attention. Everyone is expected to follow the code of conduct.

  • Meetup Mixup Melbourne

    Loop - Main Bar

    Hey! Surprise end of year event; we're joining in the Meetup Mixup Melbourne (https://melbourne.meetupmixup.com/)! If you're still in town in December then come along and hang out! This is a ticketed event; click through for details (https://melbourne.meetupmixup.com/register/). See you there!

  • Melbourne Creative AI Meetup - Deep Dance Extravaganza!

    An extravaganza of deep-learning-based dancing! A deep-learning dance smackdown! Build a deep learning dance agent and have it dance against other agents! Maybe a deep-learning dance battle! Maybe just innovative routines choreographed by deep learning! Everyone is invited to participate! You can find some relevant papers and a bit more information about the competitive part here (http://silky.github.io/posts/2017-08-28-deep-learning-dance-smackdown.html)! Looking forward to this one! Hope you see you all there! -- Noon