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Through loss comes an understanding of the importance of connection, not the flimsy ones with work acquaintances and family that only see each other on special occasions, rather the connections that make a difference to our lives by sharing our every day ordinary experiences on a regular basis.

For many reasons people are disconnected from their families. This group is about connecting people with disabilities with people wanting to share their time, experience and care. This may be at a cafe or sharing a meal. Going to a market, ten pin bowling, the theatre or a movie. It could be sharing a skill like cooking, woodwork, painting or gardening. It could also be helping someone to learn to drive or to find a volunteering or work opportunity that changes the course of their lives. Even penpals, the old fashioned snail mail variety or a digital version, can make a world of difference.

It is hoped our community will come together as a larger group especially on special occasions like Christmas when many people feel their lack of connection the most. Travel is also an area that can be explored.

The inspiration for this group is our own experience with a lovely grandmother aged volunteer whose connection, concern and love has had a huge impact on the well-being of our whole family.


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Australia Day on the Yarra in the City

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