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Sean Seefried: Generic Matrix Multiplication; James Sofra: Flocking - MHUG

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This month there are two talks -

A lightning talk by James Sofra on his experience writing a flocking simulation using Haskell:


James will discuss his first experiences with Haskell, building a simple bird flocking simulation.The talk will cover, first impressions of Haskell, use of Leksah, Gloss for 2D animation and k-d trees.


In addition to this, Sean Seefried, on a roll, presents a full-length talk on Generic Matrix Multiplication:


We all know what matrices are: two dimensional arrays of numbers with operations such as multiplication, inverses and so on. But can this concept be generalised?

This talk investigates what the pure algebraic essence is using Haskell as a "thought tool". Along the way we introduce the concept of "shaped data" and end up with an elegant generalisation of matrices.