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"Haskell Sucks!" - Paul Bone - MHUG

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Jono and Lyndon M.


"Now that I have your attention I'd like to say that I like Haskell; unfortunately I feel let-down by two critical problems: monads as a method of controlling state and lazy evaluation. In this talk I will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of both of these design decisions and why their work-rounds are insufficient. I will offer some observations about software development and how I believe those observations relate to Haskell.

This presentation is based on my subjective point of view as someone who has experience with programming language design and implementation but is not currently working with Haskell (but have done in the past). Since this is rather subjective, you can decide whether or not you agree. I am not a Haskell expert but instead I can offer my outside perspective. "

This month, Paul Bone presents a talk on some of the shortcomings of Haskell.

So, if you've been avoiding coming along to MHUG because you just weren't sure if Haskellers were capable of wallowing in self-pity, then this could be your time to shine! Haskellers have been accused before of being too smug, and dismissing criticism, but not this time!

It should be a fun evening and a great topic. I'm sure the ensuing discussion will be very enlightening and also very entertaining.

So come along :)
The Pond, Level 2
382 Little Collins Street · Melbourne
How to find us

382 Little Collins Street, Melbourne - Enter from McKillop next to the "Project Project" sign.

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