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• Are you a free spirit who doesn't like to plan too far ahead?

• Want to see a film but don't know anyone who has the same taste?

• Or are you new to Melbourne and haven't got any contacts yet?

• Are you just so busy in that job that you can't predict when you have a night off?

• Have you just seen an irresistable discount theatre deal but don't know anyone to go with at the last minute?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then this is your meetup group.

How does it work?

Anyone can create an event and should. If you find yourself footloose and fancy free, but you have an idea for a meetup event, then put up your idea of what you'd like to be doing and see if there is someone else who feels the same way.

• Start by either clicking the date on the calendar or the "suggest an event" tab.

• Then put your area (eg inner north) and follow the prompts.

• Be sure that you say exactly where and when to meet. Meet at? the ticket box, the entrance, the closest doorway. Whatever makes sense.

• Recognise me by? It helps to have uploaded a decent photo of yourself. Mention what you are wearing. Wear a particular hat/ scarf / jacket/ leave a mobile number.

• How do I know I still won't be alone? The meetup is set up to only proceed if 2 other members book in or the group organiser intervenes, so don't forget to always check 'suggested events'

The rules:

1) You must have "head and shoulders" photo of yourself upfront.

2) You must turn up if you book in

3) Do flag anyone who books in but doesn't show up as a "no show" within 24 hours or contact the organiser

4) 3 x "no shows" and you are banned.

Note: This is a semi-private group which means your photos are not visible outside the group and I will "clean out" anyone without a decent photo every month. Your photo needs to be similar to a passport photo with a smile. Don't worry, if you do get cleaned out, you are still welcome to rejoin once you have a decent head and shoulders shot.

It will be worth the effort. The world is your oyster. Come up with an event idea or jump on someone else's. It doesn't matter if it's a film, exercise class, brunch or drinks somewhere. Hopefully you will find someone like minded.

I live in the South East of Melbourne, so my events will be local to me. But you get to choose what suits you in your local suburbs, so your events will be local to you.

The more members we have, the more successful this will be.

Yeah. All you spontaneous people. Here is your chance to do something with new companions. Give it a try.

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