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Spring, Cloud Foundry and Java conference roundup

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Andrew H. and Kon S.


This month we'll have Paul Chapman from Pivotal Inc. (, the company behind Spring, and many other open source projects, present on using Spring to deploy your apps to the cloud.

Paul will look at Spring reference architectures for developing and deploying applications into the cloud and specifically Cloud Foundry, an open source PaaS from Pivotal. These reference architectures touch on many of the Spring projects, such as Spring Data, Spring Social and Spring Mobile to demonstrate a modern software architecture that is data intensive, can be consumed across multiple devices and can be deployed into the cloud. We will show how Cloud Foundry can help you manage these applications easily once they have been deployed.

We'll also have a roundup of what happened at JavaOne San Francisco.

Anyone who wishes to present a lightning talk please get in touch.


Thanks to Peoplebank for the venue as always. Pivotal Inc will be providing food and drink this time around.

Info on getting there:

Peoplebank offices are on the south-west corner of Flinders Lane and Queen St. Doors lock at 6pm but someone from Peoplebank will be downstairs to let people in. If when you get there, no one is present, call 0432603743 and we'll send someone down. We also will be having a raffle, so when you get to Level 13, there will be someone to greet you, get a name-tag, and also put you in the raffle draw. For those driving in, there is flat rate (~$10) after hours parking on Market St, between flinders lane and flinders st.

Level 13, 31 Queen St · Melbourne
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