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Putting Kotlin to the Test

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This month we're lucky enough to have Hadi Harari from Jetbrains joining the meetup to tell us all about their newest language for the JVM - Kotlin. You may already recognise Jetbrains since they've been a long time sponsor of MelbJVM, providing giveaways of their fantastic IDE each month. I wonder how the experience of building a polyglot IDE has influenced the design of a new language?

Putting Kotlin to the Test

Kotlin is one of newest OSS programming languages on the scene. Its purpose is to provide a general industry focused language that can be used for all types of development, and at the same time, fixing some of the common pitfalls of other languages that can end up being very expensive. That’s the idea behind it at least, but does it hold? In this session we're going to find out. We’ll put it to the test by looking at some of the things it brings to the table and whether these truly add value in everyday application development.

YOW Conference

A big shout out to the YOW Conference team. Hadi is giving a workshop and speaking there which is half the reason we've been able to have him speak this month. Tickets for YOW are still available ( and you can use the code MELB-JVM to get a 15% discount off your conference and/or workshop ticket.


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Info on getting to MelbJVM

Peoplebank offices are on the south-west corner of Flinders Lane and Queen St. Doors lock at 6pm but someone from Peoplebank will be downstairs to let people in. If when you get there, no one is present, call 0432603743 and we'll send someone down. We also will be having a raffle, so when you get to Level 13, there will be someone to greet you, get a name-tag, and also put you in the raffle draw. For those driving in, there is flat rate (~$10) after hours parking on Market St, between flinders lane and flinders st.

Level 13, 31 Queen St · Melbourne
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