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MelbJVM #5 - July Meetup

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Kon S.


Next MelbJVM is Wednesday July 4th at Peoplebank. We're back to our usual start time of 6.30pm.

We'll have Simon Collins from Shine Technologies talking about Vert.x (, the event driven & websockets framework for the JVM. Given official WebSockets support is still in JSR stage, and even Tomcat 7 doesnt yet support it, a good websockets framework is hard to find. Simon has looked into a few that work on the JVM, and Vert.x not only covers this, but also provides some excellent solutions around solving message passing, along with good fallback options for browsers and webservers that dont support the newest flashiest protocols for event driven comms and messaging.

BTW, there is still room for another talk or some quick lightning ones. If anyone else has anything they wish to share for the evening please get in touch.


Level 13, 31 Queen St · Melbourne