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MelbJVM #6

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Back at our usual digs at Peoplebank, 6.30pm, MelbJVM has another international speaker.

William Louth from ( is making the trip all the way from Netherlands to present measuring and troubleshooting JVM performance.

At some stage in every Java devs career, there is a time where you have to roll up your sleeves and delve into how the JVM manages resources to solve bottlenecks within your application. William's company has been doing this for years with very high profile clients, and so it's great to have him speak on this topic. They've taken a refreshing approach where they instrument an app not only to find bottlenecks, but to actually feed back those metrics in a live environment back to the JVM in order to prioritise certain business transactions ahead of others. (QoS based on business value). His depth of experience plus his insight into measurement pitfalls make this one not to miss.

Quoting from the JInspired blog:

During his talk he will discuss the challenges in instrumenting large complex Java applications and measuring low latency execution paths. He will demonstrate how to detect hotspots using various tools including our free JXInsight/Opus ( for Java edition and JXInsight/OpenCore (

During the talk he will present his thoughts on how to approach the performance analysis of highly distributed parallel data/compute processing platforms such as Typesafe Akka, GridGain, Oracle Coherence, Apache Cassandra & Hadoop, and how the Java platform can be enhanced to better support resilience and quality of service (QoS) in the context of the cloud and in particular multi-tenancy.

Info on getting there:

Peoplebank offices are on the corner of Flinders Lane and Queen St. The building has had some scaffolding work going on outside for the last couple of months. Doors lock at 6pm but someone from Peoplebank will be downstairs to let people in. If when you get there, no one is present, call 0432603743 and we'll send someone down. We also will be having a raffle, so when you get to Level 13, there will be someone to greet you, get a nametag, and also put you in the raffle draw. For those driving in, there is $10 flat rate after hours parking on Market St, between flinders lane and flinders st.

Level 13, 31 Queen St · Melbourne