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Ktor - A Kotlin Basic Server by Ani Fichadia

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*NOTE*: This is an online meetup over zoom as we want our community members to keep learning during this unusual period.
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This presentation provides an introduction to ktor, Jetbrain's lightweight, extensible, multiplatform, asynchronous web framework.
While ktor is a relatively new web framework compared to giants like Spring, its use of Kotlin, heavy integration with language features and multiplatform compatibility make it fun to use. It is suitable for experienced backend, frontend, mobile engineers, or anyone wanting to try out a new web framework.

To make it more exciting, this presentation includes worked code examples! We'll start off with a simple web service that just respond with text, improve our routing, work with JSON requests and responses, and finally serve up some web content also looking into some extra framework features.

Ani is a Senior Android Engineer in one of the Australian banks, MelbJVM co-organiser and presenter.


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A big thanks to Oracle+Aconex for their constant funding support
Thanks to IOOF to sponsor Zoom meeting.

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