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LegalTech has now moved to the mainstream consciousness of the Australian legal industry. Julian Uebergang will be our emcee for the meetup and we will explore the following topics:

1. Is the Australian LegalTech market having a Cambrian moment? (by Eric Chin from Alpha Creates)
Fuelled by strong grassroots movement of technologists, lawyers and entrepreneurs bringing solutions to life, we now have 111 LegalTech firms in the market. It can be overwhelming for potential LegalTech consumers and investors to make sense of the growing market. Eric will be sharing his research on the LegalTech firms in the Australian market.

2. The legal technology plan in the in-house environment (by Joel Seignior, West Gate Tunnel Project)
In this session, we will look at some of the experiences of developing a legal technology plan in the in-house environment. We will look at how organisations are dealing with the development, implementation and review of legal technology plans and the challenges that commonly arise.

3. The Innovation journey: How Allens Are Using Automation And Targeting Specific Problems With Tailored Solutions (by Caitlin Garner from Allens)
Caitlin will be sharing a holistic and design thinking view of implementing innovation. Opportunities and challenges for automation in different parts of the business. Using the problem as the starting point of solution building. We will also learn how communication plays a crucial role in breaking down silos and building awareness of innovative solutions across the business

Looking forward to catching up with everyone!