Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) Forum

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The first Melbourne-based forum on Modern Monetary Theory.

Anyone who is willing to discuss or debate this theory in good faith is welcome to attend.

You will find us in Multipurpose Room 2 in the Kathleen Syme Library. Please note that a limit of 40 people is in place due to the constraints of the venue so please RSVP.

For those who have not yet been exposed to the general ideas of MMT please consider perusing the following content listed below...

1) Explainer: what is modern monetary theory?

2) Bernie Sanders' 2016 Advisor On Trump's Economy And Modern Monetary Theory (starts at 4.10 minutes)

2) The Basics of Modern Money

3) L. Randall Wray - Modern Money Theory for Beginners

4) Bill Mitchell: Demystifying Modern Monetary Theory

5) Warren Mosler: What Modern Monetary Theory Tells Us About Economic Policy