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Melbourne, Florida's makerspace! Now up and running with a toolspace and events! A Makerspace is a community for people who are interested in designing things, learning new stuff, and generally being creative! We gather to share our interests in 3d printing, laser cutting, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and the latest gadgets. Makerspaces have a set of community-owned tools to share, and host classes and events to help encourage people to enjoy learning and creating. it's a great chance to meet other people who share these interests, and expand your own skills. For more information please join us!

Upcoming events (4+)

Wood Shop

Needs a location

Free and open to the public! This is the time to come and learn woodworking, power tools like the band saw, table saw, drill press, sanders, etc. Want to fix a broken table leg? Build a shelf? Build a bird or bat house? Work on these projects and anything you imagine every week! Drop in a take a tour of the makerspace and see what it's all about.

Arts and Crafts

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Free and open to the public! This is the time to come and develop your drawing, painting, molding, crafting, beading creative skills among friends. Even digital graphic art techniques.

Each week we'll work on different projects using the various tools around the makerspace such as:

• Vacuum form plastic sheets over various shapes to make chocolate molds.

• Laser engrave rubber sheets to make custom ink stamps.

• Use the sewing machine to make costumes, curtains or embroidery.

• Kids can create things from cardboard, legos, glue and much more!

Computers & Programming

Needs a location

Let's get together and talk about everything computer hardware, programming languages, and operating systems!

There is so much technology around us. It's awesome but often overwhelming.

There is no particular topic - It's anything the group wants to discuss.

Want to try installing Mint Linux?
Build a web app using Vue?
Install a new hard drive to make your pc faster?
Need to learn how databases work?
etc. etc. etc.

Hosted by Tony Bellomo who serves as the Technical Director of Innovation at a global consulting company.

No computer topic too small or too big - Let's share our knowledge and learn from each other.

Any age, any knowledge level

Public Access 3D Printing and Laser Cutting

Needs a location

FREE and open to the public of all ages! This is the time to come and learn how to use the 3D printer and the laser cutter; as well as how to obtain or create files to run on them. The 3D printer has a nominal charge of 10 cents per gram for the filament it consumes; and for the laser some scrap material is available; but for a big project you will need to obtain some hobby plywood (1/8 inch or 3mm birch laminate preferred or acrylic).

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Public Access Metal Shop

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