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What can Antifragility do for Microservices?

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Jan de Vries joins us to talk about antifragility and microservices.

** Thank-you to PageUp for hosting this event **
** Level 5, 91 William Street **

In this talk Jan de Vries will explain the different aspects of antifragility. Although Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the author of Antifragile (published in 2012), never mentioned any IT example, antifragility is everywhere within IT.

Antifragile means that a system or an organisation has the ability to become stronger when subjected to volatility, shocks, stressors and errors either from your own system/organisation or other systems/organisations. In other words, what does not kill your system/organisation will make it stronger or antifragile. But most systems are designed to deal with known risks only and IT departments invest heavily in avoiding failures. What if you would design systems that expect all parts of the system to fail? And force random failure to validate resilience. The Chaos Monkey, designed by Netflix, is one of the best examples in this area. What does this mean for microservices?
To move from fragile to antifragile software you should not only apply chaos engineering, but also continuous deployment, canary releases, A/B-testing, auto scaling, focus on MTTR instead of MTBF and so on. The underlying force in all cases is antifragility.

It is also important to get rid of software projects, organisational debt, technical debt, silo’s, hand-offs between teams, politics, fear and ego. The underlying force in all cases: again antifragility.

What would all these mean for a microservice architecture?
This talk will help you to better understand the hidden connections.
Jan de Vries is looking forward to combine your MSA expertise with his antifragile expertise.

Jan de Vries is a senior trainer, business IT consultant and public speaker in the fields of Business Information Management, DevOps, Scaled Agile and Antifragility.
He is convenor of the Enterprise DevOps group that conducts research on large scale deployment of DevOps in organisations.
He founded Blue Ocean Recon to facilitate the development of Blue Oceans and Lean Startups.