What we're about

Welcome to the Melbourne/Palm Bay Forex Trading Workshop -- where we will show you how to earn in the Forex Market while you learn as well.
You have been hearing about Forex Trading - Turning your cell phone into an ATM and other catchy phrases and now you are ready to understand how this works.
Did you know that banks use the money in your checking and savings account to trade in the foreign exchange market? They take the lion's share of the profits and pay you .02% - .05% annually for the use of your money. We will show you how to do the exact same thing and compound your money up to 10% DAILY!
We utilize Imarkets Live educational platform and tools to teach you a system that allows you to earn while you learn to grow your income. This platform provides daily live trading sessions, alerts and signals called Swipe Trades, Harmonic Scanner, Daily Swing trades from an expert trader, hundreds of hours of online video training, all while learning how to become a successful trader on your own.
We will walk you through trading on your phone, whether you have an iPhone or an Android.

As a group we will learn, earn, and support each other.

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