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Melbourne SEO Meetup: Turning SEO into Gold + Structured Data

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Hi everyone

We are planning to have two talks at this event.


Topic: Structured Data Explained: Everything you wish you knew about by Peter Macinkovic
Time: about 30-45 minutes.

Structured Data helps provides context and meaning to the content and data of our websites. But with competing standards, multiple implmentation methods and fragmented documentation it can be very tricky to do right.

Peter Macinkovic will go over the history of structured data standards, how it works and common gotchas that trip up most webmasters when learning how to implmenet for the first time.

He also goes over best practice, which formats to choose and how to implement on scale - regardless the platform you run.

Peter Macinkovic is a Digital Marketer and eCommerce Specialist based in Melbourne, Australia. A Former Digital Project Manager, Peter found his true calling in Digital Marketing and SEO working in-house for Kiana Beauty in the online retail sector

Connect with Peter:


Topic: “Turning SEO into Gold” (or close to) by Iain Calvert
Time: about 30 minutes.

Will be sharing some insights on running agencies and how brands can make it work.

Iain Calvert is an E-commerce consultant, based in Australia. Iain helps brands find marketing that works for them, not just what’s new and shiny. He specialises in retail but works on all marketing challenges.

Iain chooses to work with a handful of brands at a time, rather than spreading himself too thin. This structure allows him to understand the business and implement projects that get results.

Connect with Iain:


The Melbourne SEO Meetup is a relaxed, informal session on digital and web marketing from a mix of web developers, affiliate marketers, SEM and SEO specialists. Come along and meet others in your industry no matter if you're a sole trader, consultant, in-house or part of a larger agency. We all have small tips that will help you perform better online and play smarter.

If you have a presentation you’d like to share or if there's a topic you’re keen to hear more on, please message us.

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  • Chris Burgess
  • Abbas Heidari
  • Jamie Gemmell
  • Mathew Cocciardi
  • Pamela A. Meagher
  • Peter Mead
  • Saijo George
45 Vere St · Richmond, VI