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Presentations, discussions and workshops about Scala, FP and the JVM.


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Melbourne Scala began in April of 2009 and has held 8-9 meetings a year regularly since. Meetings are on the 4th Monday of the month, unless advised otherwise.

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Bryan Murphy - Pure Functional Programming in Scala using "Typeclass Effects"

Zendesk, Basement, 395 Collins St.

This month Melbourne Scala will be hosted at Zendesk in the CBD. Presenting is Bryan Murphy - Senior Scala Developer at Rubix Consulting Description in Bryan's own words; "In this talk I will discuss how we can use cats-effect, the IO Monad and a design pattern I am calling "Typeclass Effects" (but other are calling Finally Tagless) combined with the "principle of least power" to create "Pure FP" programs that are easier to reason about and test whilst still offering reasonable performance. For those frustrated with the weakly typed and difficult to compose world of Actors, there are some potential big wins for concurrency with this approach too but I will only have time to touch on that briefly. There is a lot of ground to cover so come well caffeinated and come in good time as I might even start 5 or 10 minutes earlier to squeeze in as much as I can." Arrive from 5:45 for pizza, drinks and conversation, talks start around 6:30pm. As always, newcomers most welcome. Hope to see you there, -Darragh

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