Tech talks: 1. Testing distributed architectures 2. Being a full stack tester

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Please join us for two tech talks brought to you by Matt Fellows and David McGregor from DiUS and

This event is kindly sponsored by DiUS ( ), including venue, food and soft drinks.

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Talk 1: Anti-fragility and testing for distributed systems failure

Failure is inevitable. In our modern world filled with continuously delivered and increasingly complex distributed architectures (looking at you micro-services), it is important to be able to test and improve our systems under a range of failure conditions.

In this talk, Matt will discuss these complexities and the forces they exert on development teams, presenting some simple strategies and practical advice to deal with them.

About Matt Fellows

Matt is a self-described polyglot and Senior Engineer at DiUS. Spending much of the past few years working in the micro-services and continuous delivery space, he has developed an unhealthy obsession with measuring and automating things - both in and out of the workplace. When not tethered to his desk at work, he prefers to be in the physical world playing basketball, snowboarding, wake boarding or pumping iron like Arnie.

Talk 2: Being a full stack tester in a new world

Demands on testing are rapidly growing as businesses push to get more software out more often. What does a successful tester look like in this landscape and what are the key areas of growth needed to get there. I’ll be sharing from my recent project work as a case study.

About David McGregor

David is a Principal QA Specialist at Seek has been testing for the last 12 years and has worked in Sydney, London and Melbourne for companies ranging from banks to startups. He’s a firm believer in testing smarter not harder.