A Reliable, Developer-Friendly Approach to Automated End-to-End Testing



UniSuper - Level 1, 385 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000


Amir Rustamzadeh - Senior Engineer @Cypress.io

Before joining the JavaScript world, Amir worked on large energy storage systems and spacecraft as an electrical engineer. Now, he’s focused on elevating the status quo of software development on the web as the Head of Developer Experience at Cypress.


Testing real-world web applications in real-browsers is no walk-in-the-park. It’s no surprise that testing apps/services often becomes an after-thought, minimally implemented, or completely skipped. With traditional approaches test tool setup, writing tests, debugging tests, resolving failures, handling flakiness, configuring automated pipelines, and waiting on long CI jobs contribute layers of friction that make this state-of-affairs difficult to overcome.

However, there is a different approach called Cypress that overcomes these points of friction. Cypress is an open-source (MIT License) testing tool for reliably testing web applications. You can use it to test your front-end and the backend APIs that power them. Cypress was designed to be developer-friendly from the ground-up with its easy setup/install, intuitive API, fast test runs, flake-free test execution, and debugging assistance.

In this session, we'll explore Cypress, the associated tools, usage-patterns, and ecosystem. You’ll walk away with actionable skills that will help you ship higher quality products with a higher degree of confidence.

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