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A warm welcome to all seekers of truth. I created this meetup group for spiritual minded people to connect with each other, share their journey and help them on the path with insights and inspiration.

I was a spiritual seeker for 23 years, and I know how lonely and confusing walking the path can be. I studied J krishnamurti, Nisargadatta Maharaj and Ramana Maharishi intensely for 20 years. Though each taught in their own unique way, the truth they pointed to was the same.

In my long journey, I meditated 14 hours a day, stayed with monks, lived in the Himalayan caves, learned from wise sages and researched every major spiritual systems, including Zen, Advaita Vedanta(Non Duality), Yoga, Buddhism etc. Then one momentous morning in 2005, I experienced my first spiritual awakening and in 2016 it culminated into pure states of awareness.

I firmly believe that everyone can discover these amazing states of boundless peace and stillness.

You don’t have to spend the next 20 years seeking awakening. You can find meaning, bliss and joy in this very life, by understanding consciousness & awareness and going deeper and uncovering the layers of identity and self. You can break free from your limited perception of the mind and experience the immensity of pure awareness.

I am not a guru or even a teacher, I am just your trusted friend, helping you find the infinity within.

This group is open to everyone, from all paths, from beginners to advanced. All satsang and meetup events are totally free.

Read about my spiritual journey
https://innerspiritualawakening.com/ (https://innerspiritualawakening.com/rajiv-agarwal/my-journey/)

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Guru Purnima Celebrations- Dinner, Get Together & Meditation

Needs a location

Guru Purnima is celebrated every year to honor teachers and Gurus, who remove the darkness from our minds and help us on our spiritual path. Seekers come together to celebrate the joy of walking on the path and share their love and gratitude to their teachers.

The Guru is the same as your inner self. The Guru is not different from the seeker.

This will be a community shared dinner which will start with 10 minutes of meditation, followed by spiritual conversations and seekers can connect with each other over dinner.

6:00pm- 6:10pm Meditation
6:10pm - 6:30pm Conversations with Seekers
6:30pm onwards - Food, Laughter and Sharing

Food: Please bring a plate of vegetarian/vegan food. If you have specific allergies/food requirements, please make sure to bring your own food, as this is a community event and it will not be possible to cater to particular requirements. Strictly no alcohol allowed.

Capacity: We are holding the dinner at our home and there is a limit of 20 members only. RSVP is a must. If you change your mind, you must update your RSVP to No, so that someone else can join in.

Important - For the safety of yourself and others, if you are feeling unwell or develop flu like symptoms please do not attend the event.

This is a free event.

For inquiries, please email event organizer Manpreet [masked]

About Rajiv – Rajiv dedicated 23 years of his life seeking enlightenment. His pursuit for truth, reality, emptiness and self-discovery took him through the profound depths of mysticism. He meditated 14 hours a day, stayed with monks, lived in the Himalayan caves, learned from wise sages and researched every major spiritual system, including Zen, Non Duality, Yoga, Buddhism etc.

Then one momentous morning in 2005, he experienced his first shift into higher states of consciousness, an inner spiritual awakening. This was followed by days of infinite ecstasy and bliss. Finally, the years of seeking culminated and he realized his own true nature.

He now shares his deep insights to help seekers progress on the path of awakening & meditation. His approach is secular, based on personal experience.

You can read about his spiritual journey here- https://innerspiritualawakening.com/rajiv-agarwal/my-journey/

Please note - This event is only for adults(18+)

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