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Hi, Welcome to the Melbourne Spiritual Singles Meetup Group. The Melbourne Spiritual Singles (MSS) has been created out of a desire to bring together singles who are looking for fun, connection, friendships and possibly a spiritually orientated partner with whom to share your journey with.

It is the intention of Melbourne Spiritual Singles to provide a safe, friendly and inviting environment where spiritually minded singles can get together in an easygoing, informal manner to meet like-minded people with a view to friendship and possibly towards forming a relationship. There will be a good mix of regular events (at least one to two a week) that will include social dinners and get togethers, movie and discussion nights and workshops and presentations for your personal growth and development as raising our vibration and consciousness is crucial in the times we are living in. It is also a hope of mine that we as members use this group for networking, supporting each other in realising our dreams and gifts and building a more conscious and aware community of like-minded and like-spirited individuals who contribute to the evolution of consciousness on our planet.

Members are encouraged to post a photo and an introduction on the MSS meetup page when joining. This is a closed, private group so that only other members will be able to see your group profile and this is to ensure the safety and privacy of our members and minimise any unwarranted attention or harassment of our members (especially our lovely ladies!) by people outside of the group that aren't really interesting in joining and contributing to this group.

As the group's main organiser I look forward to meeting, getting to know you all, sharing and growing along with you!

Melbourne Spiritual Singles (MSS) Guiding Princip

1. MSS is non-discriminatory and is open to members of all spiritual and/or religious beliefs, faiths and practices, as well as sexual orientation.

2. While MSS may host events related to a particular spiritual practice (e.g. specific types of meditation), MSS is non-denominational, non-sectarian and non-racial and is not affiliated with and does not favour any one particular spiritual group, organisation or practice.

3. Organisers' messages, member posts to the MSS website and other communications between members should be of an appropriate nature and use courteous, inoffensive and where applicable (e.g. when evaluating events) be of a constructive, non-confrontational nature.

4. Any form of harassment of members in the group will not be tolerated and if it happens the offender will be first warned and next time banned from the group.

5. Regarding attendance at events, we are instigating a new 'three strikes and you are out' policy regarding 'no shows' at all events. If you have rsvped and can no longer attend an event simply unrsvp or let the organiser know with sufficient notice (at least one to two hours before an event starts) by either a post on meetup or texting the organiser (as I will always supply my mobile number before events for anyone that needs to contact me). Of course exceptions do apply under special circumstances.

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