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Palmistry as one of Body’s MicroSystems,-With GypsyLove +Organic Communal Dinner

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Introduction into Palmistry as one of Body’s MicroSystems,-With Gypsy Love. +Organic Communal Dinner. Friday 30-May

Gypsy Love is a most colorful and interesting kind of a modern day wise-sage. A trend-setter, she adopted her current name long before such things were trendy. She leads a very interesting nomadic life - traveling the country and teaching… Her very unique mobile home is a sight to behold ! it’s something between Dr.Who’s TARDIS , Howl’s Moving Castle and Baba Yaga’s log cabin …
We have met Gypsy Love running various small workshops at some festivals over the summer and were quite suitably impressed by the quality and the practical usefulness of the wisdom she has to share.
We have finally succeeded to tee up a Nexus introduction workshop with Gypsy Love as she is very good at what she does but was hesitant to talk before larger groups.. And despite being very cool and a wise elder, she could teach anyone about humbleness and humility.

The body has many Microsystems where the internal processes come to the surface and can be read and interpreted - such as the size / shape and reflex points on the Ears and Feet, The structure of the face, etc.. among these – the palms carry an exceptional amount of information that can be learned to be interpreted with great success.

Gypsy Love has a very practical, non-gimmicky and very sensible outlook on the Art and Science of the Palmistry which is brought to us from the depths of the Ancient Wisdom Traditions including those of the Vedas, Chinese, Sumeria and Middle East..

Palmistry as a body’s mycrosystem. By Gypsy Love :

Wouldn’t it be great if our lives were sign posted like highways? Roadwork’s ahead, expect delays, detour, rough surface, or even no way back, do not enter ! A hand tells us more about where we have been than where we are going. It tells us our present energy behaviors that are in play. It identifies a possible future if these behaviors are continued from the day this hand is consulted onwards.
The lines in our hands I tend to refer to as rivers of energy, the shape of our hands and fingers, the texture and bumps and markings in the hands, our fingernails, everything in our hands is an indication of what is going on in our body and spirit. This is because it is one of our bodies many micro systems. These are holograms if you like of our being that with expertise someone may learn how to interpret. Our hands are linked to our nervous system, as we pick up behavioral patterns from our experiences, as we go through life; these patterns and events or experiences are for most people reflected in the hands.

This workshop will commence with a brief look at participants hands to select significant things to point out in the lesson so will vary from workshop to workshop depending on who is attending.

This workshop will teach the basic things to look for in hands and what different areas mean.

How to understand the flow of lines on a palm
How to identify at a glance what others hands are telling you.
Knowing some basics will assist personal empowerment and relating with others.

Palmistry charts to take home for future use will be available at a small cost.

When: 7pm till 11pm - Wednesday 30-May 2014

Where: Unity of Melbourne, 4-6 Renown Street, Burwood, Vic 3125

Community Organic Dinner (Starts at 7pm): There will be an organic dinner shortly before the talk. And we encourage you all to bring a healthy dish to share and add to the table. Pot-Bringers come in for free. The rest of us - $10 Entry.
The workshop part of the meeting will start about 7:45 – straight after the dinner and after the social mingling time..
if you are bringing food - Please stick to healthy organic vegetarian dishes for this event.

Please feel free to bring like-minded friends and forward this invitation onto your networks.
Looking forward to another great night !


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