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What we’re about

Do you like to fix and tinker with things? Are you interested in helping others learn how to repair their household items, building knowledge and community while avoiding items going to landfill? Do you like to organise and connect community groups and local residents? Are you good at teaching and sharing knowledge? Do you have tools or a space to share? If so, then this is the place for you! 

This is a hub for fixers, teachers, organisers, space owners and change makers across Victoria to find and share upcoming repair events in the community (such as Repair Cafés and other repair initiatives). By compiling a central calendar of many of the repair events in Victoria, we aim to make it even easier for fixers to get their repair “fix” any weekend they choose!

You can also find your nearest repair group or equipment library here:

Please fill out your profile to help identify your interest and what you have or know or can share. Spread the word to your friends, neighbours and colleagues who may be interested in participating, and most importantly keep an eye out for exciting repair events near you!