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Anyone who is interested in the Melon protocol and becoming a part of it's ecosystem!

The Melon meetups will bring together a diverse group of individuals who are keen to learn and engage with the future of digital asset management and beyond!

If you'd like to learn more about Melon, have a read of the Green Paper or head on over to the Melonport Website.

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M-1 Asset Management 3.0 Conference

Central Zug

MAMA and Melonport are proud to present to you: ***************************** M-1 asset management 3.0 ***************************** When: 07/08 Feb 2019 Where: Central Zug We are gathering some of the leading experts in blockchain asset management for two days in the heart of Crypto Valley to discuss the most important developments in this space and to take a sneak peak at how the financial infrastructure might evolve in the coming years. Topics include: On-chain asset management Securing the future of finance The asset tokenization thesis Decentralized exchanges and their liquidity problem The Challenge of trading security tokens peer-to-peer Crypto funds and custody law Battle of the stable coin Exotic on-chain financial products Speakers include: Shaun Dije (COO Digix Global) Rune Christensen (CEO MakerDAO) Ryan Zurrer (Board Member Web3 Foundation) Dr. Gavin Wood (Founder Web3 Foundation) Jorge Izquierdo (CTO Aragon) Zoe Adamovic (CEO Neufund) Talal Tabbaa (COO Jibrel Network) Yaron Velner (CTO Kyber Network) Mona El Isa (CEO Melonport) Tom Bean (CEO bZx) Michael Feng (CEO Coinalpha) Mathias Maurer (CFO Crypto Fund AG) Jenna Zenk (CTO Melonport) Nevin Freeman (CEO Reserve) and many more. Applications for M-1 tickets have officially opened now. Go to https://m-1.melonport.com/ and tell us what brings you to asset management 3.0. We look forward to seeing you in Zug!

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