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MemDevOps December 2018 Meeting
The December 2018 MemDevOps meetup will be held on Wednesday December 12th from 2-4 at the FedEx Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis, in the 2nd floor "Fishbowl". Our speaker for this meeting will be Nick Wallace: Title: There is no "Switch" to make DevOps happen? Bummer! Every company's DevOps "secret-sauce" is different, because every culture is different. Embarking on this journey can be exciting! If your organization is willing to rally around the effort, then you should identify the outcomes you desire, formulate a plan and commit to it. In other words...Identify a "Target" to shoot for! Establish the methods to continuously track your grouping (progress), as you're attempting to hit your targets. Build teams motivated by practitioners, support from leadership, and everyone in-between. At some point you'll hit the “BullsEye”! When you do, in retrospect, you should record how you were able to achieve it, by understanding the lessons learned and successes. This should be able to radiate throughout different teams as your culture transforms. DevOps can be the "Heart" of every business, delivering High-Tech value to both, its internal & external customers. A customer-centric approach is necessary to achieve success on this journey, to deliver software products & services, that provide convenience & efficiency. As we're embarking into the Digital Era, most IT organizations are transforming from being a traditional "Project" delivery organization, to a next-gen "Product" delivery organization. Innovation can only happen by people having access to constant threads/channels, of communication. This will allow them to experiment and explore new ways to bring -Ideas- to life faster. That's where you can find your competitive advantage and differentiation, in your industry. These capabilities should also help you recruit and retain, Top-Talent. In this session, Nick Wallace (BIO) will talk about the People, Process & Technology elements of DevOps & reference real world examples, observed through his career experience & community involvement, as the Founder for NashDevOps and organizer for DevOpsDays Nashville 2016 & 17.

FedEx Institute of Technology

365 Innovation Drive · Memphis, TN

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This is a group for Memphis-area professionals interested in learning about DevOps transformations and contributing to discussions with like-minded individuals. We'll explore all aspects of DevOps, including Continuous Integration/Delivery, Automated Testing, Automated Server/Container Provisioning, Tooling, Automated Deployments, and the like.

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