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Meet People Interested in Dining Out in your area! Come to a local Dining Out Meetup to break bread with fellow food aficionados and gourmets. Discover new restaurants, enjoy delicious meals and make satisfying conversation with friendly dinner companions. It's a big dinner table and all are welcome!

There has been a recent rash of spamming. If you come across anything that looks suspicious or receive other inappropriate emails, please forward them to me at MemphisMaven@yahoo.com .

Organizers rely heavily on RSVPs for making reservations. We can not make reservations on a maybe. If you rsvp Yes and can not make it or want to change your RSVP from a 'Maybe' to a 'Yes', please remember to update your rsvp, email me at MemphisMaven@yahoo.com , or text/call me at 901-846-8080.

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Members who are persistent no-shows may be blocked from some events, or removed from the group. Spammers or members who harass others will be removed immediately. Look me up on Facebook:


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