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Are you looking to be at the top of your game both in business and in your personal life?

My role as a coach is to help men between the ages of 35-50 perform at their optimum. The group to join if you want to be in alignment with your health, your relationships and your career. As most of the men I work with are in the business community, my work centers around the principles of leadership, conflict resolution and sports.

Once your mental and physical game are in alignment, you will find your “State of Flow”.

About me:
Professional coach with a background in communication, leadership, conflict resolution, and a true passion for sports. Any man can be in the shape if he wants to be - it all begins with the mind.

This group is to create a safe place for men and help them connect with their inner self. Once you can do so, you will be able to authentically connect with those around you. Once our work is complete, you will walk around feeling great, be on a path to restorative health, and be that inspirational person that everyone looks up to.

If getting back into you’re A game is in your plans, come join us will there is still place.

This group will have a limit of 10 men and will be of format:
Presentations followed by a break-out of interactive group exercises.

Looking forward to seeing you join our group!

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