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We all have an instinctual need for human touch. In this chaotic, individualistic society we live in however, asking for help in fulfilling this most basic, most beautifully human desire has become taboo- a signal of weakness- especially among men. I started this group because I genuinely feel that so many of our ills and traumas could begin to be healed if we allowed ourselves to love and be loved in a completely unselfish, non-sexual way. I hope to host meetups at places like movie theatres, cafes and eventual members' homes, where we sit, hold each other, and talk about whatever might be on our minds. You will learn that it's okay to let other people in, and that it's okay to say no. You'll learn that you are enough and you are loved.
I encourage you, straight or gay, to give this a shot. I know this can change the world, if only we trust in the immense power of physical connection.

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