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Over the past three years, our group MEN CUDDLING MEN (MCM) has grown into an amazing way station where men can get their touch needs met. This is a nurturing, platonic group which allows gay men to meet in new ways. We have awesome, diverse members who participate in our bi-monthly cuddle groups. "Cuddle Parties" started about twelve years ago in New York by two therapists and has grown into a global movement for touch enhancement. Businesses for professional cuddlers started about six years ago with: Cuddle Sanctuary, Cuddlist, and Cuddle Up To Me. Just 20 seconds into embracing another human, your brain releases the neurotransmitter Oxytocin which allows us to feel nurtured, safe, loved. Imagine what 2 hours of cuddling at Men Cuddling Men might feel like.

"Will I be comfortable in the group?" Sometimes yes, sometimes no. New experiences, by nature, force you to move outside your comfort zone. But many guys who were nervous about attending have said they were so glad they did. One member tried for a whole year to attend. He came to the address but couldn't walk through the door. Until happily one year later he came in and had a wonderful cuddle.

NOTE: Our group meets every other month: January, March, May, July, September, November. If you have a desire for cuddling in between groups, try reaching out to other members you've met at the group. This is not a hook up group. While sex is wonderful, this group is not a group for hook ups and you will be disappointed. Though if you happen to meet a nice guy and start dating, please let us know. This is a group for soulful connection and building our community. We are rated as a Five Star Meetup Group based on member reviews. As this is both a social group and therapeutic, members are encouraged to post a profile picture, and to interact on the discussion threads.

When we first launched this cuddle group MEN CUDDLING MEN, our group catered to single, gay men. Now the group is open to all who identify as male: be they gay, bisexual, trans, asexual, questioning, straight, single, partnered, of diverse ages (21 and up) or of diverse ethnicities -- who want to cuddle with other men. It's definitely a gay-friendly space. I've been very lucky to collaborate with Charles Gamble on developing this group. We've had as many as 23 attendees at group cuddles! -- and as few as 10.

Our group is non-sexual. Clothes remain on at all times. It's recommended that members contact members only AFTER first attending our meetup and meeting them, for safety purposes. We are not responsible for any interactions outside the group.

I started the group for a few reasons. As a gay man who's been single for a long time, I deeply longed to cuddle again. And at times, I have dealt with stress and anxiety. Cuddling is a good remedy. Now that I'm deeper into the cuddle community, I've come to realize that New Cuddling is part of a larger movement to transform the way that all of us can get our touch needs met. Even by people we just met, or who are aren't romantically involved with. Sometimes we think we want sex, but what we really want is tenderness and affection.

* In need of private, one-on-one cuddling? Visit https://cuddlist.com/

Cuddling is soothing, fun and energizing. When you hug 15 different men in a session, you learn how each man cuddles differently. The experience can be sensual and even a bit romantic -- but think of this as mostly as Communal Cuddling rather than Romantic Cuddling.

You really don't know what the experience is like till you've had it. What are you waiting for?


One disclaimer: neither Charles nor I are therapists. Please let us know if you have any special needs, or physical or mental health issues we should be aware of. It is up to you to decide if our group might be a good fit for you. [I personally have dealt with depression and anxiety in the past.] We would like to be supportive of anyone, but realize there are limitations.

Here is a video I made about our group. Please enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dl4qv2avdH8

Our group has been profiled in Windy City Times and Chicagoist.com:

WINDY CITY TIMES http://www.windycitymediagroup.com/lgbt/Hug-cuddle-group-for-gay-single-men-arrives-in-Chicago/53567.html

CHICAGOIST.COM http://chicagoist.com/2016/01/28/contact_high_cuddlers_explore_the_p.php

* Various Cuddle Opportunities in Chicago:

OUR TOUCHPOINTS is open to all with an lgbt focus supporting women cuddling women: https://www.ourtouchpoints.com/

TRUTHFUL TOUCH is open to men and women: http://www.meetup.com/Truthful-Touch-Cuddle-Party/



(Updated 9-22-16)

Traditional cuddling takes place between people who are dating or in a romantic relationship, and the function is basically to deepen intimacy in that relationship. But the reality is that many of us aren't partnered, yet we still have the strong desire for tender touch, hugging, cuddling. And some guys might have partners that don't like to cuddle.

NOTE ON PHYSICAL ATTRACTION: Traditionally people cuddle because they are physically attracted to each other. With New Cuddling, we cuddle with the understanding that we all need to be held, and physical attraction is not relevant. One can say no to a suggested cuddle position, but please do not say no to a whole person.

The cuddle movement has been growing for twelve years and there are cuddle groups throughout the world. "New cuddling" is a bit different from old cuddling. It can occur between people who have just met. It is motivated more by compassion and empathy, than by physical attraction or the constructs of a relationship. It can create deeper feelings of connection, reduce aggression and anxiety, provide comfort when one feels isolated or lonely or when one is going through a difficult time. Cuddling is powerful, healing, and platonic!

REFUND POLICY. We must pay for room space, facebook advertising fees, etc. to hold cuddle events, so we generally don't offer refunds if you must cancel your RSVP. We can refund if a member gives 5 days notice, and asks for a refund. Or if there is an extreme event which prevents you from attending, that is left to the discretion of the organizers.

* * *

1. Cuddling can be exciting but please keep your clothes on at all times. Sexual arousal can happen, but please focus on nurturing rather than arousing -- or we may need to gently intervene. :) This is communal touch which is different than romantic touch. We are caressing each other because we all need to be touched.

2. Most people come to a cuddle group to cuddle. But if you prefer not to cuddle at this time, that is also an option. It's understandable that newcomers might be a bit shy. Though you'll probably have more fun hugging and snuggling!

3. If either cuddler at any time feels uncomfortable with the touch being giving -- please take responsibility for telling your partner, and changing the course of the position. If said partner does not respect your boundaries, feel free to end the cuddle and move on to someone else. Also feel empowered to ask for the kind of touch that you want.

4. To fully experience cuddling, it's important that people come to the group without recreational drugs -- including marijuana and alcohol and other such substances.

5. Members should bring a carryable blanket and small pillow. A light blanket or bed spread is easier to carry.

6. A clean body and clean clothes are essential for cuddling. No strong colognes; deodorants are fine. People often wear sweatpants or gym shorts, t-shirts, etc. Some wear pajamas.

7. Everyone who wants to get cuddled will get cuddled. Make sure you take responsibility for getting your needs met.

8. It's a basic human right to hugged and cuddled -- whether one is in a relationship or not. Don't worry about erections. They can happen. Just focus on nurturing rather than arousing. Or think of baseball!

9. Sexual harassment and drama won't be tolerated. Please respect people's stated preferences. Also please be respectful of people's privacy and avoid gossip of any kind.

10. Some people like to talk while they cuddle. Others may prefer not to.

11. Please share the wonders of cuddling with your friends! We can change the world...one snuggle at a time.

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SUMMER CUDDLE! Think of it as a belated Pride snuggle-rama.



Our May cuddle was a yummy gathering of humanity. MCM members, new and old, attended and enjoyed our expanded 2.5 hour time slot. We do about 5 platonic cuddles at 20 minutes each. Let's gather again for soothing sessions of spooning and forking and embracing and caressing. Bring your friends. Time to meet new men and reunite with the regulars. Our goal is to have a vigorous turnout of 15 - 20 (or 30), but our cuddle goes on no matter what. RSVP now. Why wait? We close the evening with our secret weapon: THE DONUT HOLE OF LOVE. About 3-4 men stand in the middle. They are surrounded by the outer group donut made up of the other men. Then the magic begins. Ahh. Feeling is believing. NOTE: Our group cuddles are scheduled every other month: Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov. (In the future we will adjust schedule to include JUNE for a pride cuddle, but not this year.) *Please pencil us into your calendar now for the whole year so you don't miss out. With therapeutic cuddling I find the more often you attend, the richer your experience is. And you might find a cuddle buddy to partner with outside the group. ** INCENTIVES EARLY BIRD RSVPs are $15. That goes up to the regular $20 on June 20. Our events can sell out. BRING A GUEST PERK. If you let Dwight know you're bringing a new guest to a group cuddle and they pay -- you will be able to attend for free.* ** WHAT TO BRING As usual, remember to bring a small blanket to lie on and a small pillow. Dress for comfortable cudding and lying down. ** LOGISTICS If you're driving, there is usually free street parking on Byron. If taking public, we're close to the Irving Park 80 bus, or the Brown Line stop at Irving. RSVP online and you can pay by credit card. ** WHAT TO REMEMBER Our cuddling is by mutual consent and permission. Our focus is platonic. The intent is to nurture rather than arouse. We are changing the way that men, especially gay men, meet. Cuddling is not based on physical attraction but based on the universal need to hold and be held. ONE ON ONE * Not into groups? Prefer one-on-one snuggles led by a certified cuddle practitioner? Session are designed around your unique needs. Search in Chicago for local snugglers. https://cuddlist.com/ The going national rate for pro cuddles is $80 per hour. https://cuddlist.com/dwight. Some prefer longer session of 90 minutes, two hours, or overnight mini-slumber parties. HEALING MODALITIES Co-organizer Charles Gamble provides an array of healing -- Reiki, Gong Baths, Singing Bowls and more. https://radiancereiki.weebly.com/ If you get value from our cuddling and believe in our mission -- please spread the word. Thank you! We want to create a more cuddly universe...filled with touch and tenderness, empathy and kindness. Dwight and Charles

1 on 1 Customized Cuddle Sessions (Book Any Day!)

Needs a location

NOTE: Please disregard event date. Individual pro cuddle sessions can be scheduled any time based on availability. If you are not a big group-type person, you might consider private sessions between you and me at my place on the north side. For a limited time MCM members can get half off: $40 per hour instead of the regular $80. You can do book 90 minute cuddles, 2 hour cuddles, or overnight mini slumber parties. I am certified by Cuddlist. Sliding scale available. Please visit my cuddle site: http://DwightCuddles.weebly.com Can also browse thru The Book of Cuddles for ideas. Private cuddling is a different experience than group cuddling. These sessions are designed around your unique touch needs and preferences. Why don't you treat yourself? Or if you're going thru a tough time, this is a nice getaway. Or if you've been single a long time and just miss the pleasure of cuddling, spooning, embracing and such. Two hour sessions for just $90! -- Dwight *Date and time based on your schedule. Ignore stated event date. You can contact me thru Weebly site or private message me here. Thanks. If you've gone to many cuddle groups, why not try something different?

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Join us for our early May Cuddle on Sat. May 11 @ 6-8:30 pm



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