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This is a self help group for men only who want to change their self image of themselves as men. It is for men who wish to Grow Up in a new way. It is for self aware men who want to mature into 21st century authentic people, men who aspire to become responsive mindful or 'Awake' people. It is for men who are perplexed, confused or frustrated by any society in which 'toxic masculinity' has offended, abused and hurt women. Men are invited to join who are willing to look at this confusing complex issue and make their own adjustments according to new knowledge and new perspectives.

Your leader and convener is a senior ordained spiritual counselor, a certified life coach, and a men's group initiated Integral shaman with his own private practice.

The group activities may include, among others:
* Examine life message that taught you what manhood is.
* Learn and incorporate positive masculine patterns of behavior.
* Learn the 4 perspectives that govern your daily decision-making.
* Eliminate toxic or negative beliefs that keep you frustrated.
* Learn the 4 levels of relationship communication.
* Examine how to correct toxic women-offensive language and behaviors.
* Discover a life-changing non-religious spirituality.
* Change your worldview to become more helpful, communicative, understanding.
* Learn to mediate for calm, focus and goal-setting.
* Take concrete steps to improve your relationship with the women in your life.

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