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Come join some incredible men for some "mind bending" straight talk!
Can't wait to meet you and get REAL with some other thinking and feeling men! Remember, this is a "Men Only" meet up! We have nothing against women, but need some privacy to talk about how they drive us crazy sometimes! You can be a single, married, or divorced man and fit right in. We have the room for 2 hours and here is the rough agenda. 1. Intro by Steve Horsmon 2. Get to know each other Ice Breaker 3. Share our stories and what we hope to gain from this Meet Up 4. Discuss the barriers we've found in our relationships and barriers to a healthy sex life. 5. Discussion Topics * What does "gender equality" really mean? * What is a man's role in a relationship? * What do woman say they want? What do they need? * How does a man create a high quality relationship? * How do women think about sex? * Why do men feel like we're always being tested or worthy enough to have physical intimacy? 6. Wrap up, Pick next meeting time/place/topics

Mulligan's Pub

2439 S College Ave · Fort Collins

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This is a group of emotionally intelligent and self-aware men who want more from their long-term, committed, romantic relationship. These are guys who want the support and brotherhood of like-minded men who are making changes in themselves to get the respect, appreciation, and passion that want from their relationship. We help each learn how to become a more attractive man who knows how to create an emotionally safe, affectionate, and sexual relationship with the woman in his life. Through mutual support and professional moderation, we build the confidence and wisdom needed to create the life you really want. We meet once or twice per month at various locations in Northern Colorado.

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