What we're about

This group is for men who are excited to be alive, who are on fire with passion and purpose and a desire to offer more of themselves to the world unapologetically, who know that they matter and have enormous capacity to give and receive. This group is for men who aspire to love and live daily with increasing fidelity and fervor for their deepest truths, convictions, and contradictions. This group is for men who yearn to feel invincible and to run wild and free even as they willingly tether themselves in service of their values: it is for men who desire to live without need of explaining themselves as they sculpt legendary lives of unending primal energy and beauty. It is for men who want a brotherhood of greatness where they are lifted and sharpened and seen into wholeness. As a group we will explore embodiment and primal aliveness and power thru haka, thru sound, thru spontaneous expression . We will explore connection beyond what words can afford and we will speak of things not spoken of. We will move as kings and warriors and sages and poets.

Upcoming events

No upcoming events