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A support group for men to be open, share their thoughts and feelings and help one another.

We no longer need to bottle up our thoughts and battle by ourselves. Come to release, come to support and come to learn. Sessions will be totally free to go in whatever direction feels necessary. Some weeks could be just listening, some could be lots of learning, some could just be sitting in silence and enjoying the peace. Every single guy is welcome. You may not feel you have anything to share, but just your presence will be supportive. You can come if you think you may have snippets of wisdom that could benefit. You could come if you feel the weight of the world is too much and this is a last resort. It’s a completely safe space!

Meetings will be in no way linked to any religion. I’m happy with people to share any religious beliefs if they think they will truly benefit others. We may use techniques based around mindfulness and other healing therapies but this is not the primary purpose of the group. They will also NEVER be for profit, only donation based and any profits going to a Brighton charity each week. I look forward to a growing community of men reaching out a hand to one another :)

If you cannot make it but would still like to join the community then please visit the forum here (

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